Play On (Glasgow Lads #0.5)

Play On: A Glasgow Lads Novella - Avery Cockburn

This was pretty standard, a well-told story but not exactly groundbreaking. It's very much an introduction to this world but still a self-contained story. This is a pretty typical college jock meets non-jock (and not even a geek) and they fall in love in a ridiculously short amount of time. But they're Scottish! There wasn't a whole lot of attempt to explain the slang, but for the most part I didn't need it. The football (soccer for us Americans) scenes were described plainly enough for non-players to follow along. I was interested in the team being all LGBT, so I'm hoping the rest of the series goes more into that. 


As for Brodie and Duncan, I can say with confidence this is the first story I've read where the MCs get together through mono. Or where mono was even a thing. Brodie's not a fan of jocks due to being bullied in the past, but Duncan manages to break through that, and yes they are adorable. There is some drama typical of NA, but it's worked out in the end.


I actually found Fergus more interesting, so I'm glad to see he's the MC in the next book.