Waiting For Clark

Waiting for Clark - Annabeth Albert

3.5 stars


I don't know. I felt like it was Clark waiting for Bryce more so than the other way around, but in the end it was actually both of them waiting for the other to make a move first. I loved the prompt picture for this story (Batman and Superman embraced in a kiss) and this story stayed true to that. I though it could've been a little geekier than it actually was, but still enjoyed seeing how these two finally came together. The "volcano" moment at the end was sweet, and the story wasn't very angsty.


I kind of wonder why the author named the one character Bryce instead of Bruce, since he was so clearly supposed to be Batman, not just for the comic con but his super rich parents and the manor he inherited from him. I mean, Clark was Superman and was raised on a farm. So why Bryce instead of Bruce?


Here's the prompt picture: