Immortal Coil (Petit Morts #17) - Perfect Ending

Immortal Coil - Jordan Castillo Price

This series has been weird and uncomfortable at times, but it's also been intriguing and sweet at times. This is the culmination of Fates's designs for Chance and Hunter and it takes place at a carnival. Somehow, the gods running a carnival makes perfect sense. Carnivals are inherently strange and whimsical places, here one day and gone the next, full of things you don't need or really want but you get anyway to remember you were there. What better place for Chance and Hunter to finally come face to face with the Fates and figure out their own issues?


I like Rick, the reformed bully and former wrestling coach with a heart condition, and Joel, the medic who took a side job at the carnival for a little extra cash. Joel was never a jock in school, and didn't attend the school where Rick once coached, but he'd noticed Rick all the same. Joel's had a string of bad relationships and just wants someone who understands him. May they never find out how close they were standing to tragedy that day.


I've had issues with this series before, and they still stand, even to a small degree in this book, but I found the conclusion to Chance's and Hunter's tale satisfying enough to overlook them. This is one of the stranger series that I've read, and I have to wonder if it would've been more consistent if only one author had written it. I do think it took too long to finally start telling us who Chance was and why he was messing around with people's agency and love lives. Getting that knowledge sooner would've helped a lot. Still, with only two or three duds out of seventeen stories, that's not a bad record by any means.