Media Naranja (Petit Morts #16)

Media Naranja (Petit Morts #16) - Clare London, Jordan Castillo Price

The final book by Clare London in this series takes place at a retiree resort during Flamenco week. I enjoyed seeing Trevor overcome his insecurities in order to help his grandmother during their vacation. I'm a little unsure about Alejo, as we didn't get to spend much time with him or find out what he's about. Apparently, they're a literal match made in heaven though, so they'll get along just fine. The Chance and Hunter relationship gives this a more morbid feel than it would otherwise have, but as I'm curious about them and what they're all about, I didn't mind that. They're clearly working out some issues of their own, and that love whammy mojo doesn't work on them, so they have to actually work on their issues rather than have someone come along and magically wave them away. Imagine that. (Yes, I'm still a little miffed about the consent issues inherit with these kinds of stories.)