Just Desserts (Petit Morts #14) (Audiobook)

Just Desserts (Petit Morts, #14) - Josh Lanyon

TW: Homicidal ideation; suicide ideation. 


I'm glad I waited to write a review for this one now. This is the last of Josh's stories in this series, and aside from implicating that there's something strange about Chance, they didn't go into the mythology behind his character at all. So I really didn't have all the information necessary to appreciate what was going on here when I first listened to it. I had been planning to knock off half a star because of my issues with it (Tug's extreme unprofessional professionalism, for instance), but have decided to leave it as is in light of everything I've learned from reading the other installments.


All that being said, I still have an issue with Tug falling for Ridge as he does. It's not his fault, that lays with Chance, but Tug thinks Ridge is suicidal and all of his interactions with Ridge come from that mindset. Now, this very well may be what Ridge needed anyway, for someone to see him and be concerned about him, since Ridge's assbutt scumbag pustule of a cousin can't be bothered to give a crap. However, it made me uncomfortable that Tug was seeing a version of Ridge that just didn't exist. Ridge wasn't trying to kill himself; he was trying to kill his cousin. That's a pretty massive miscommunication and misinterpretation that never gets clarified, which I can understand Ridge not wanting to clarify, but makes me worried about Tug.