London Eye (Petit Morts #12)

London Eye (Petit Morts, #12) - Clare London

Now this is more like it. 


I've never heard of this author before this series, but this is easily one of the better installments in it, after Josh's (and I actually went back and nudged up some of Josh's stories by a half-star just in comparison). If you must do a "Cupid's arrow" deal or whatever it is, then show me why they're destined for each other. Show me how they get along before the love whammy happens. Show me that they could actually be compatible, if they could just get out of their own ways. Then if you must do the love whammy deal, then have it used in a way so that they do get out of their own ways. Which is what Ms. London does. This felt natural, like it actually was meant to be and not just Chance playing dice with the universe, so even though it all took place in a night, I could actually buy it as a possibility.