Happily Neverafter (Petit Morts #11)

Happily Neverafter - Jordan Castillo Price

 3.5 stars


The focus wasn't so much on the couple here, though we do get to see how they meet and have some flash forwards to how their relationship develops. Basing a story around the riots in Greece was interesting. If there's one thing I do like about JCP's stories in this series, it's that she's unconventional. You never know what you're going to get. Which is not always good, as some of my previous complaints have shown, but I can appreciate that she doesn't toe the line.


We also finally start learning something more about Chance - who and what he is and why he does what he does. This one also brings in a couple more of Chance's... colleagues for lack of a better word. We find out that

Chance used to be Death, and his friend/lover, Hunter, used to be Cupid, I guess? Some sort of love god. And someone somewhere thought it'd be a good idea to switch their occupations. Why? Don't know yet.

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So that explains some things that I've been suspecting to be the case for awhile. Not sure it necessarily eliminates the consent issues, though it might be enough for others to look past them. 

After all, gods are always deciding they know what's best for mortals and screwing it up constantly. :P

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I have resigned myself to pretty much hating off all JCP's sex scenes in this series and rather wish she wouldn't bother with them, especially when they're taking place during a pretty critical scene that makes it hard to skip, as is the case here. And boy was that scene uncomfortable.


But we're getting some answers finally, so that's a plus.