Ex Equals

Ex Equals - L.A. Witt

This story has the same issues that I have with a lot of Witt's stories and that's arguments repeating themselves: characters bringing up the same points two or three or more times, no one really hearing it, and then everything just kind of works itself out somehow. Now, maybe this is how it works for some couples and maybe that's how arguments tend to go. I don't know. What I do know is I don't really want to read the same argument over and over again. This could've easily been five pages shorter if those had been cut out or lessened. At least here they actually do talk things out in the end.


Still I do like her characters and her attention to detail in regards to life in the Navy. I thought Justin was a massive douche when he and Chris were together the first time, and Chris should've made him sweat it out to the end of the semester before getting back together with him. Not to mention Chris is also his teacher and that's way unprofessional, dude. He's not just risking this job but the ability to get any other job ever. Surely, they could've put their dicks on pause for another 9 weeks until the end of term, yeah? They're grown men. They should be able to do that, I'm assuming. Or am I expecting too much? ... I'm probably expecting too much.


Even though teacher/student is a trope I usually stay away from, the imbalance of power didn't bother me too much since they'd been lovers before while in the Navy. Justin was not a naive teenager fresh from home, and Chris wasn't a predatory professor. I thought there was a good balance of flashbacks and present day to tell their story and show where they're coming from.