Randy's Ghost

Randy's Ghost - William  Tate

TW: Drug use


I don't read much sci-fi but I liked the prompt provided for this one, so I figured I'd give it a try. It was an interesting read, and does follow the prompt quite well. I wanted to know how it would be resolved and that kept me reading, but the execution wasn't the best. I can't even say this is all telling and no showing, because we're not even told much either.


Pretty much the entire first half of the book is just one sex scene after another because apparently lots and lots and lots of sex is the only thing two guys need to fall in love with each other. *rolls eyes* I would've preferred more focus on the sci-fi part of it and less on the constant sex. We don't even know what year Chilton is from. How do they research and figure out what point in time to send people to? How do they track possible ripples? How do they do the mind wipes? Randy never even finished his research on whatever he was researching that somehow cures a bunch of people dying of some sort of unexplained disease in Chilton's time. How did anyone even find out about this research and figure out they needed it? You can hand wave it away as "sci-fi" to a certain extent, but there's not much here to indicate what the future is like, just the barest slivers of information. A little more world-building would've been appreciated.


I don't think I buy that Randy would've spiraled out of control like he did, either. It was the most stereotypical demise I've read in a long time. Then there's some to-do over Chilton's father that also isn't explained very well. The ending is also rather confusing because

Chilton goes back in time a second time to kill Randy but instead brings him to the future, but Randy's in pretty bad shape and they're not sure if he's going to make it. So he goes back a third time to bring back Randy from an earlier point in the timeline, and it's left kind of vague what happened to the first Randy. Did he just disappear? Did he succumb to his illness/weakness/whatever? 

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