At Swim, Two Boys - DNF at 19%

At Swim, Two Boys - Jamie O'Neill

The dialect is just too much for me to slog through. It's very heavy early 1900s Irish brogue and slang, both in the dialogue, which would be one thing, but also in the narrative, so it's pretty much non-stop. Every time Mr. Mack is on the page, the narrative gets choppy and random on top of that. As a result, it's slow and it's boring. The characters come across kind of flat, but that could just be because I can't figure out what they're saying half the time. Shame. I could see myself potentially liking this if it wasn't such a chore to read.


Then there's something creepy going on with the priest and Jim; and with Aunt Swaney and Gordie; I don't really care to find out what exactly is going in either of those cases. Ick.


I recommend checking out the sample and if you can get through that, go for it.