Hoarded to Death (Jamie Brodie #2)

Hoarded to Death - Meg Perry

TW: Discussion of past sexual abuse; ableism


I liked the mystery in this one. An illuminated manuscript is found and people start dying. I actually didn't peg the whodunit at all, which hasn't happened in awhile. There are few different possible leads and there's just enough info held back to not make it obvious, while still giving enough info that it doesn't come out of nowhere when it is revealed. I also like that Jamie's involvement isn't as hands on as in the first book. He's vital to the outcome of the case but he's not the main player. He does his part, and the cops do their part. 


I'm still not really connecting to the characters. I like them, but I'm not in like with them. ;) There's also a development with Pete and Jamie's love life that I'm not sure how I feel about yet.

Pete was sexually abused as a teenager and still has some holdups because of it. He can't bottom and any anal sex has to be face to face, for instance. Jamie is supportive of him, but he also has his own desires and needs in the bedroom that aren't being met, so he starts counseling to sort out his frustrations without taking them out on Pete - which is a good thing for him to do. However, since all the sex is off-page, I'm just kind of scratching my head about why this subplot is even necessary. 

(show spoiler)

I'll see how this develops in the next couple of books before making a final judgment on it, but right now, I'm kind of side-eyeing it.


We also get to meet Jennifer, Kevin's ex-wife, and get to know a little more about him in the process. Jennifer is a hoarder and has other emotional and mental issues. She's trying to overcome them and move on with her life. We don't really get to spend too much time with her and instead, it ends up being everyone else talking about her while she's not there. It got uncomfortable after awhile, like she was just there to fulfill a plot point.