Tigers on the Run (Tigers & Devils #3)

Tigers on the Run (Tigers & Devils) - Sean Kennedy

This did drag a little in the second quarter, hence the half-star drop, but otherwise, this was a perfectly adorable and awesome adventure with our favorite Aussies. Simon is his usual snarky self, and he brings everyone up (or down) to his form in true Simon drama fashion. I didn't understand half-the pop culture references and one or two slang words went over my head, but otherwise, I was along for the ride. 


How Declan puts up with Simon, I don't know. The man has the patience of a saint. Jasper's back in a big way this book and it was great to see some development of his character beyond the annoying gossip columnist we all love to hate. I think Micah's story could have been brought in a little earlier and that would've saved it from dragging, but once everything is set into full motion, there was no stopping the beautiful train wreck from happening. 


You'll laugh, you'll cry from laughing, you'll get sand in uncomfortable places and you'll go awwwwww at the sappiness of the two biggest doofuses in Australia.