Wrecking Ball - DNF @ 60%

Wrecking Ball - Elin Austen

I learned fairly quickly to stay away from m/m stories that include religious extremism. Yes, it's a real problem, but the characters always come across as mustache-twirling villains. At some point, I'll learn not to read stories that include Mormonism as well, because it's always going to be a sore point for me, whether used well or not.  But I keep hoping maybe Mormonism will be different. LOL, nope. Personal stuff:

I was raised in the church, and the anti-gay movement wasn't even visible while I was growing up, at least not in my ward. I didn't really become aware of it until long after I stopped attending, and any hopes I held of some day returning to the church went out the window with Prop 8, especially now after seeing my parents become such massive bigots because of church politics. Or maybe they were always bigots but were better at hiding it. IDK. 

(show spoiler)


Anyway, Tanner just hit all the wrong buttons with me. Like, stop hiding behind your church and your family, dude. And Race (yes, that's his actual name) was obviously going to take him back after three years of silence. I just couldn't. 


I did like the stuff about the farm and the runaway boys they helped out and wished there'd been more of that. Is it seriously illegal to "harbor" runaways in Utah? Because that's messed up. *googles* OMG, it seriously is. Like, what the hell, Utah? And there are 8 others states where it's illegal to runaway. Like, what the frack?