A Heart of Klondike Gold

A Heart of Klondike Gold - E.  Davies

I liked the historical context of this more than the romance. Having just finish Hoarfrost by Jordan L. Hawk, the imagery in this story just doesn't quite compare, but there was more time to actually go into the mining process. (Both books completely ignore the impact the Gold Rush had on the indigenous tribes who lived on that land; I know that wasn't the focus of either story, but a couple of lines would have been appreciated.)


I wasn't quite feeling the romance in this one either. I thought by the end we had a decent enough enemies to friends story, though the "enemies" part felt a little forced. Edwin and Walt have a minor altercation Edwin's first day in town and Edwin apologizes. Walt seems to get over it pretty quick (and in fact, the altercation seems completely out of character for Walt as we come to know him later) but Edwin keeps holding a grudge for some reason. The romance doesn't come in until the end and so was rushed. Then the author started using mining metaphors for the romance part and it just didn't work. Honestly, I thought Edwin had a lot more chemistry with Charlie in the few scenes they had together than he did with Walt.