Small Favor (Dresden Files #10) (Audiobook)

Small Favor (The Dresden Files, #10) - James Marsters, Jim Butcher

Someone kidnapped Johnny Marcone and I'm supposed to care for some reason. Okay? He's not the worst criminal mastermind ever, and he has some decent points to him, so I guess I can try to care, if only because Mab is forcing Harry to take part in this. But then Nicodemus is convinced he and Harry share some sort of bond. Like, wtf you talkin' about, Demus?


I wasn't as into this one as previous stories in this series. It was kind of all over the place.

It starts off as a rescue mission for Marcone. Summer predictably isn't happy about this and sends her gruffs after Harry. Then it becomes a rescue mission for Ivy and Marcone is sort of forgotten. But conveniently, the Nickleheads keep both their captives in the exact same place so they can both be rescued at the same time. Oh, and then Michael is TOTALLY SHOT AND ALMOST DIES! I'd have thrown something if that happened, but I'm still worried about Michael's prognosis, because it's pretty grim. Just lay your hands on him and heal him like the janitor heavily hinted at you to do, Harry.

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There's still a lot going on and a lot to like, don't get me wrong, but the main plot felt kind of padded. Plus, I love James Marsters and he's the perfect Dresden, but his voices for the other characters are not as distinctive as they've been in previous books. He even got them mixed around in a few places for Harry and Thomas. 


I did like learning more about the Archive and how that particular power is passed from generation to generation. Harry/Murphy will forever be my OTP, I don't give a fig what canon has to say about it. I will go down with this ship. Oh, and that little tidbit about Bob at the end was a surprise. I don't know if that's been mentioned in previous books and I just forgot but

Luccio and the White Council thinking Bob was destroyed and a good riddance to humanity... yeah, that's not coming back to bite Harry in the butt later. Especially if Luccio starts spending any amount of time at Harry's.

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Not really sure what else to say. I liked it, but I won't be surprised if this ends up being one of those books I have trouble remembering later.