Until the Bitter End

Until the Bitter End - L.L. Bucknor

TW: mentions of homophobia and racism


This is a slow burn friends to lovers, told in snippets from the time they're 10 in the '70s up to one of them turning 30 in the '90s. The snippets are well-chosen and the letters are engaging, all of them highlighting the development of their friendship, the rocks in the road and their progress to becoming something more. I got this mostly because it's one of the rare M/M stories to include a person of color, and I want to encourage more writers to include POC as an MC in their stories.


I was a little perturbed that Charles struggled to accept his sexuality as long as he did when he so readily accepted Victor's and his uncle's, but I thought that Charles coming into his own was well-done despite being a little dragged out. Charles and Victor realizing what they both knew instinctively from the start - that they're it for each other - was done well too. The side character Phillip was a riot. The epilogue was icing on the cake. 


This is low heat/no sex. This didn't bother me but I know others need at least one sex scene, so I'm mentioning it. I did wish the MCs had a little more time together and we'd seen a bit more of their early relationship once they got together, but that's just me being greedy.