Punch Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love - Nico Jaye

From the prompt, I was expecting this to be an established couple from the get go, but in fact, they actually don't get together until the end, when the scene from the prompt happens. Until then, it's a nice enough story about a guy going on his first competitive kickboxing tournament and letting loose in Las Vegas. I couldn't really get a handle on Derek. Why was he learning Spanish? I kept waiting for that come back up but it didn't.

It also felt a little creepy to me that Derek knew who Oliver was in the club, but Oliver didn't recognize Derek. Was Derek taking Oliver for a test drive or something? And then because it was good, he decided to pursue Oliver more openly? Just what was going on there? It made me not like Derek very much.

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I also thought there were just too many side characters to keep track of, since you had Oliver's group of college friends and then the SFE teammates, and you don't really get to know any of them very well.