Camp Hell (PsyCop #5) (Audiobook)

Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price

I forgot a lot of what happened in this book, and rediscovering it with Gomez Pugh's narration was a delight. Richard Burke is as annoying as ever. So is Vic's old boyfriend Stephen Russo/Stephan Russell. What a snit. I did remember the fire ghost - how can you forget a fire ghost - but somehow forgot Jacob's role in it. Jacob is adorable discovering his own special ability and using it so earnestly, and of course, I love seeing Vic take more control of his talents and figuring out what exactly he's capable of. I don't know how high up the psychic scale goes, if six is supposed to be the highest (certainly the highest we've ever heard of) or if it goes past that, but I'd be interested to see just how Vic would rate if he took the tests without downplaying his abilities. Con Dreyfuss makes his first appearance here and it's so weird to think

there was a time I didn't trust him any farther than I could throw him. I think what makes him feel so shady in this book and the next is that his genuine interest in Vic comes across as too eager, too friendly, much like Burke did initially. And Dreyfuss is in charge of this new-to-Vic organization that's been following him (and other psychs) his entire career, which is naturally going to cast doubt and suspicion on him.

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As much fun as the previous novellas have been, it's great to see what JCP can do with this world and these characters when given more page time to work with. This novel kicks the whole series into a whole new gear, and it's a fun ride to go on. Can't wait for the audiobooks for the next two books. Are they out yet?