Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin #2)

Threshold  - Jordan L. Hawk

TW: Body horror, involuntary experiments, high body count


At one point, I thought to myself

I'm reading about bat lobsters from space, what has my life become

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 but darn, if this wasn't a fun and intriguing book anyway.

I also thought to myself, maybe they should try dousing them in buttery sauce or confusing them with sonar. Come on! They're BAT. LOBSTERS. FROM. SPACE.  

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I love Christine. She's awesome and amazing and takes no nonsense from anyone. She's practical and not just there to be a damsel in distress or a sidekick. We need more awesome women characters like this. I know this is M/M but one doesn't necessarily negate the other, and I'm just thrilled by her inclusion in this series.


I'm not so thrilled about yet another Big Misunderstanding to drive a wedge between Whyborne and Griffin at a critical time, but I do like how they actually talk to each other about it afterward, learn about each other and grow in their relationship. Men who know how to talk to each other is also something we need more of. 


I'm also again pleased that this isn't altered history. This is our history, complete with homophobic bigotry that the guys have to deal with. There's also attention made to how those who are perceived as mentally unfit were treated, as well as women who dared to learn a profession and not get married, and racism. Sometimes it's handled painfully, such as the aforementioned big misunderstanding, but mostly it's presented as matter of fact. This was just the way things were and it sucked.


I'm loving this series.