Little Boy Dead (Boystown #0.5)

Little Boy Dead: A Boystown Prequel - Marshall Thornton

This prequel to the Boystown novellas is a nice introduction to Nick Nowak at the start of his career as a PI after being ousted by the Chicago PD for being gay. He starts his PI career as a driver for a film festival because he needs money now and his ad in the yellow pages doesn't come out for another few months. (The days before the internet! :P ) This has the early 80s vibe to it, complete with lack of condoms and cell phones. Nick's not a very nice guy in this one. I hope he mellows out as the series goes on. I don't care much when the MC just has random hookups, but I can live with it for now. Nick's clearly on rebound, so I'll give the guy a break. The mystery was tight and wrapped up nicely, and the whodunit wasn't obvious for once. I was distracted by the typos and at one point, a whole section of the story is repeated. I don't know if I just got a faulty file or what, but that was annoying. 


Overall, I liked it, but Boystown #1 is going to have to show me a bit more if I'm going to continue with the series.