The Boys on the Mountain, by John Inman

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No rating for this one. I'm not using spoiler tags because this dreck doesn't deserve it.


I've never read a horror story before, and after finishing this one, I still don't think that I have. It wasn't at all scary. I've seen episodes of Buffy and X-Files and Supernatural that are way scarier than anything that happens here. It actually reminded me a lot of the S4 Buffy episode "Where the Wild Things Are". IOW, it's a big hot mess.


First, if you're at all squeamish about child abduction, rape, molestation, torture and murder - skip this book. I only started the first such section of these scenes until I had to skip over it, and then automatically skipped over all the others that came after. They're way too detailed and told from the POVs of both the victim and the murderer. That's not horror, that's disgusting and unnecessary. There are plenty of other ways to get that information across without putting us in the kids' heads. Like, how about Jim dreaming all that crap is happening to him, and later realizing that's what the boys went through? On top of that, you have a bunch of gay men drooling over their ghosts, because what's hotter than murdered children? Oh, I know, a big child ghost orgy, that's what.


As for the rest, this is one of those horror stories that requires all the characters, including the supposedly smart ones, to be too stupid to live and ignore all common sense. That includes the horror writer who writes ghost stories for a living. I'm rather skeptical as to this guy's supposed literary success for even putting himself in that house to begin with - and buying it - and then stupidly inviting all his friends. None of these guys have the brains to fight their way out of a paper bag, and I honestly didn't care one lick about any of them. I was actually kind of rooting for them to die. Unfortunately, none of them did. Then the resolution to the hauntings didn't even require any of them to be there. Like, what was even the point of all this?


About halfway through, I started skimming because I was so bored and just wanted to see how this would eventually be resolved. This story was very disjointed, like it couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to be a gay weekend getaway or a disturbed attempt to sensationalize sex crimes. It was also way too long, way too many words. It could've easily been half its length and probably been better for it. There were way too many gay stereotypes - I think every single one was used - and the use of horror tropes was boring and uninspired. I liked the gay weekend getaway part of the book but everything else was meh to disgusting.