Proven Guilty (Dresden Files #8) (Audiobook)

Proven Guilty  - Jim Butcher, James Marsters

So much uncomfortable foreshadowing! I don't like it. :(


Harry's no doubt a great guy and he does a lot of good. I don't think Michael's solution for getting rid of Lashiel (I apologize if I'm spelling names wrong; audiobooks don't exactly provide a way of checking those ;) ) is going to work, as Harry isn't willing to sacrifice his magic to do it, but over and over and over again in this book we have Harry telling others how easy it is to be corrupted by the dark side - good intentions and all that - and I just had to shake my head. Oh, Harry. Maybe you should take some of your own advice. 


I'm also starting to worry about Karen Murphy. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I thought she was acting a little OOC. Mostly, she was Murphy, but there were just little hints here and there that something was up. Maybe? I don't know but something seemed off. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I'm worried. :/ Add on that the continuing war with the Red Court, the machinations of the Summer and Winter Fae, and the promise of a conspiracy afoot, and there's a lot of set up in this book. It's far from a gap-filler though.


One of the things I'm loving most about this series is that you can more or less jump in to any one of these books and get a full and complete story. Yes, there's an overall myth arc that carries over from one book to another, but you could just pick up any book and not be lost as to what came before. (Though that also brings about my one complaint, and that's the over-explanation of everything. We're in book 8 already. We know what a soul gaze is. And Harry really doesn't need to explain in minute detail three times in one book why such and such is a bad thing.)


Anyway, the story here is focused mostly on what first appear to be fobofages (nightmare type boogey monsters from the Never-Never) attacking people at a horror movie convention. Harry goes to investigate and once again finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom that is way bigger and more layered than he originally expected. (Though really, at this point, he should start expecting this, and it appears by the end that he will.) Michael's eldest daughter Molly is somehow involved, and she's got a big-time crush on Harry that is both adorable and awkward as teenage crushes tend to be. She's also way in over her head, and Harry has to rely on fate and even God to step in and help out. I'm really excited to see where this goes in future books, because I adore Molly and all her rebellious wannabe badass teenage antics. If she and Harry don't manage to kill each other, it'll be a miracle. I also really appreciated the insight into Charity and her constant hostility toward Harry. I wasn't expecting that development and it adds so many layers to her character. Bravo, Butcher.