Game On

Game On - Olley White

I'm not a fan of GFY, but it worked for me here. I see Max more as a late bloomer who didn't realize he was bi, or at least he's someone who's open enough not to let gender get in the way of who he likes.


These aren't the stereotypical geek gamers. Stefan is outgoing and has a large circle of friends, and Max is more on the shy side but still not afraid to put himself out there. They were ridiculously adorable together and I liked their attempt to go slow, even if they were mostly deluding themselves. Those reading for smexy times will be disappointed as this focuses largely on their friendship and growing relationship. There's a lot of Britishisms here but only one or two had me scratching me head. 


This was super sweet and adorkable and left me with a big smile on my face. :D