Secrets (PsyCop #4)

Secrets - Jordan Castillo Price

Trigger warnings: 

The case involves the rape of an elderly woman, though no details on the rape acts are discussed. The rapist gets some dialogue and is all rape apologist about himself - yuck. I'd been totally fine if Jacob had stuck to his original plan for dealing with the slime bucket. 

(show spoiler)


Finished the audiobook for this today. It sounds like Pugh changed Jacob's voice again, just the slightest bit. I can't say it works any better for me than the previous two books, but it's still way better than the first book. I admit, Jacob's voice is the one weak spot in these audiobooks for me. He still sounds a little too meathead, you know? 


I forgot most of the plot of this book, aside from the cops at the retirement home, so it was a lot like "reading" it for the first time. I think if I were to re-rate it, I'd give it a 3 or 3.5 because it is a bit slow at times, but I'll leave it a four for this review of the audio because of Pugh's stellar performance. 


I did notice all the little plot elements that set up the later books in the series: Vic experimenting with his powers, those previously mentioned cops in the retirement home, Jacob being maybe more than he seems, the expansion of the universe canon in regards to the protection of psychs. It's all good stuff but it's too much set up and detracts from the main plot. And they weren't exactly very compelling secrets.


I did notice a continuity error between Jacob's story here of when he first saw Vic at the precinct picnic and "Inside Out" and it's not a small one. Jacob says here, “I’d never really gotten a good look at you. And once I did….” But Jacob did get a good look at Vic several months earlier. They even interacted, albeit marginally, in "Inside Out" so it seems like a weird thing to omit here. I see they were written three years apart though, so maybe that explains it.