Body & Soul (PsyCop #3) (Audiobook)

Body and Soul - Jordan Castillo Price, Gomez Pugh

Read this one awhile back and finally got to listen the audiobook this week. Gomez Pugh continues to knock it out of the park. He really makes this story come to life and he's got Vic's sardonic tone down pat. I always forget how short these earlier stories are because so much happens. Vic and Jacob are looking for a new place, Vic gets a new partner at work, there's a crime to solve of course, and ghostly encounters both hilarious and terrifying. The crime in this one is especially icky - zombies but not zombies - and it's strange to see Vic so limited in his abilities here, considering how he'll grown and become stronger and more confident over the course of the series. It's rare to find a flawless series where each book is enjoyable in its own right yet ties into the larger narrative and builds on each other, with no duds or even lukewarm books along the way, but this is one of them. Love me some PsyCops. <3