In From the Cold (I Spy Stories #1-3) (Audiobook)

In From the Cold: The I Spy Stories - Josh Lanyon

I Spy Something Bloody - 3.5 stars. For some reason, I thought both these guys were spies, not just the one. And he's British, which I also wasn't expecting. The narrator did a great job with the story and the various accents and characters, though he sounded a bit more refined than I think Mark should have sounded. The story is classic Lanyon, another of his reunited lovers stories, but with spies.


I Spy Something Wicked - 4.5 stars. I wasn't expecting this one to become to introspective and such an endearing examination of this complicated relationship. I loved Mark's epiphany that he doesn't have to go on this mission if he doesn't want to. It was a real ah-ha! moment for the character. The ending felt a little abrupt though.


I Spy Something Christmas - 3.5 stars. This was a nice little follow up/possible conclusion to Mark and Stephen's story. There's a little mystery, the conclusion of which was nicely wrapped up. Mark's really settled into his life with Stephen, and it was fun to see Stephen being so protective of Mark, though he doesn't really need it. Except he kind of does. ;) There's also a brief mention of "To Dickens With Love", which I haven't read.