Cover Me (Cover Me #1)

Cover Me - L.A. Witt

This was a fun surprise. Well, an angst-filled "fun" surprise. I usually roll my eyes at insta-sex, but it works here. I also liked that they weren't immediately declaring themselves to each other afterward. They actually get to know each other, and they're mature about their relationship. No unprofessional professionals here, and it's refreshing after some of the stories I've read recently.


She really got into Nick's head space well and described his PTSD and paranoia vividly and managed to keep the tension and doubt going through the whole story. I also liked the day-to-day stuff of being a paramedic and the challenges they face, and the focus on the despicable doings of the media and they sensationalize things for ratings. There was a thread that was left hanging there; I don't know if that'll be picked up in the next story or if it's meant to be left hanging. It's written in a way that it can be, so it's not exactly an unresolved plot line, but a couple of lines at the end could've clarified that.


There were a few too many typos, a few of which were distracting since it made it hard to tell when someone was talking.