Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5) (Audiobook)

Death Masks  - James Marsters, Jim Butcher

This series gets better with each book, and James's narration is at its best so far here. He really makes the story and the characters come to life as you listen. He changed a couple of the voices, which I didn't think needed changing, but the new voices are just as good as the previous ones, and it does make it easier to follow when the dialogue switches character.


The story here is as complex as ever. Even more so. Demons. The Knights of the Cross - all of them! And The Shroud of fricking Turin. Oh, and there's still a war with the Red Court to deal with, and a few other surprises to boot. The best thing about this series is that everyone is smart, sharp and competent, Harry, allies and enemies alike. It really amps up the tension and keeps you guessing who's going to come out ahead at any point.


I love the world-building here. Each book pulls back another layer and introduces you to more wonders and terrors. I'm eager to see what we'll learn next, see next, and how our cast of awesome characters meet them head on.