Rare (Roads #2)

Rare - Garrett Leigh

I liked this one better than the first. Ash and Pete were better (somewhat) about talking to each other about (some) things, and I liked Maggie a lot. I wish we'd seen more of Mick, Charlie, Joe and Ellie but they're more or less pushed to the side in this one. Not that the story suffered from it - this isn't their story. It's Ash's and Pete's story and I really liked the focus on them and their relationship and how committed they are to each other even when things get rough.


But that's kind of where this starts to lose me too. Like the first book, there's a lot of telling where I'd have much rather seen the developments and situations driving these characters forward. We did get to spend more time with Ash and Pete "in the moment" in this book but I still felt like I was missing out on a lot of things that are just mentioned in passing. There's also another "too hard to believe coincidence" in this book that drives the plot forward. From the way Slide ended, I figured this one would deal in some way with Ash's sister,  

but I didn't expect for Danni, Joe's amazingly gorgeous girlfriend, to be that sister. It's one of those "just happens" moments in books and shows that drive me up the wall. Still, despite the massive eye-rolling that induced, I do like how it was handled after the reveal and how their bonding feels natural and not rushed.

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This has a satisfactory HFN/HEA ending and the story comes to a full close, though there are enough dangling threads if the author chooses to continue the series.