The Salisbury Key

The Salisbury Key - Harper Fox

Being brought in at the end of relationship makes it difficult for me to really care much about that relationship, so I never could grieve for Jason. However, Fox captures that grief in Daniel perfectly, so perfectly in fact that it even makes him jumping right into another relationship seem natural. It's not a flaky heartless decision, but one motivated by his grief, and his growing realization that perhaps his relationship with Jason, while loving, hadn't exactly been freeing. Daniel put a lot of restrictions on himself to be with Jason, and now has to struggle with how to regain his life. On top of that is the mystery surrounding Jason's death and a key buried in Salisbury that could unlock it all. 


The mystery behind the mystery wasn't too much of a surprise to me, since it was foreshadowed in the prologue, but I enjoyed how it all unraveled and that our guys weren't constantly ten steps behind to drag out the suspense. Once the pieces start falling in place, the story kicks into high gear and stays there, and I had to chuckle grimly at the simplicity of the final solution.


I really liked Rayne. He's a good guy and really the only one who could've understood the grief Daniel was going through, given his own demons he's struggling with. He's a straightforward guy who's not allergic to emotions, which is refreshing.