When One Door Opens

When One Door Opens - J.D. Ruskin

What do an ex-con recovering alcoholic and an agoraphobic have in common? A lot, actually. I really liked how the author focused on Logan's and Caleb's subsequent issues and how they're oddly suited to help each other. Both can understand panic and loss of control over yourself. The outlets for their panic and the way they try to regain control may be different, and even the things that drive those forces are different, but the feelings are the same. It's not a parallel I've seen in many stories, if any, and it really works here. The author gets you inside both these characters' heads and details their struggles with sympathy and care. 


And while love doesn't cure Caleb - he still has panic attacks and a major set back - it does give him the hope and reinforcement he needs to start seeking recovery, first with Logan and eventually with therapy. I did feel it was a bit rushed. Caleb spends three years never once leaving his house except for the occasional trip across the hall to an elderly neighbor, and yet after a couple of months of knowing Logan, he's going outside.  It would have felt more realistic to lengthen that timeline. But it's also great to see Caleb improve once he realizes he's capable of it, so it's not a major issue in the slightest.


I'd have liked a little more focus on some of the subplots too, particularly Michael, who shows up for a couple of crucial scenes and then only gets a couple of mentions later. The other major subplot with a supervisor at Logan's work was wrapped up pretty quickly and neatly too, but there's a reveal near the end that helped that make sense.


Overall, the pacing was good and Logan and Caleb both got their page time. I really liked both characters and how sweet they were with each other. Have to say though, that Dabb is a scene stealer. ;)