Blue Skies

Blue Skies - Tamara Allen

Tamara Allen has a way of making the past come alive and it's no different here than in previous works of hers I've read. Readers hoping for lots of M/M and lots of sex, you won't find that here. There is some m/m as well as some m/f, no sex for either, as the story follows Neil and Susan, a pair of siblings, on their romantic and historical follies through the 19th and 21st century. The attention to detail is stellar, and they're modern sensibilities aren't always met with understanding in the past. I really liked all of the characters, and enjoyed seeing them grow and struggle as they worked towards their HEAs with their respective beaus. Some quibbles over the use of language being a bit too formal for the contemporary time period where the story begins, and the time travel here is a giant case of "suspend disbelief" - more so than with other time travel stories. The ending also goes on a bit too long as plot twists are reused a few too many times just to complicate things for our heroes and heroine, and the story started to drag a little in the last couple of chapters.