Turning Idolator

Turning Idolater - Edward C. Patterson

There's a great story here, a Cinderfella/Pretty Woman mash up set in contemporary NYC. However, the writing style was just not to my taste. I understand the writer's intent, I do, and I admire him for sticking to his guns. Unfortunately, I'm just not that into Melville. If I wanted to read endless purple prose, complicated similes and people talking like they're in a 19th-century Romantic adventure, I'd read a book from the time period. The constant allusions to the sea, the endless quotes from Moby Dick and the very posh dialogue kept pulling me out of the story. I skimmed through the last half of the book to get to the actual plot and enjoyed that part of it well enough, and I even pegged the wrong guy as the perp for awhile.


A very good story but, for me, it got lost in its execution.