Mint Juleps and Justice (Adams Grove #5)

Mint Juleps and Justice - Nancy Naigle

I got this as a Kindle's First free book.


The only reason I finished this audiobook is because the narrator actually did a fairly decent job with the material she was given to work with. Even then, by the end, I just wanted the story to hurry up and get over with. I was not invested in any of the characters or the various, way too numerous cliched plot lines going on in this story. You have Brooke, the soon-to-be divorcee getting away from a lousy husband and restarting in a new town; you have Mike, the ex-military love interest getting over his wife's murder, and you've got Goto, the murderer just paroled for stupid reasons unknown stalking Mike. Oh, and Keith, Brooke's husband, who wants her back and will to go to any lengths to achieve that. If that's not enough plot for you, there's also Brooke's best friend Jenny falling in love with Mike's ex-brother-in-law Rick. And dogs. But don't worry. Every single one of these plot lines will be resolved in exactly the way you expect them too.


The book really didn't start chafing at me until Goto's appearance. That entirely subplot was so completely unnecessary and added absolutely nothing to the story that wasn't already being accomplished by Brooke's stalker husband. I mean, how many times does the heroine have to be abducted and endangered for the hero's emotional growth in one book, exactly? I think once is enough. Actually, I think never is a better number. I've also yet to read a narrative from the mustache-twirling villain's POV that makes me engage with such characters in any way other than a massive eye roll. Add to that the fact that Goto's so cliched and over-the-top EVUL, and that most of his chapters were (thankfully) only a couple of pages long, and that the plot holes surrounding his storyline were big enough to drive a tank through, and I was ready for his plot to be over after the second or third time he appeared.


Now, I like cheese a lot, I do. But it felt so overdone here, and the tone of the book kept getting thrown every time Goto popped up, or Brooke's ex entered the picture. No, I take that back. Those parts were cheesy too, which is why they don't work as I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be fearing for Brooke's life during those parts, not laughing at the ridiculous dialogue. It also didn't help that Brooke was a little on the flaky side with all her good luck signs (which includes cannibal insects for some reason?) and then she teeters right over into bimbo territory. Maybe it's just growing up on the West Coast in a city area, but how do you not lock your car doors whenever you get into your car? Stop talking to your divorce papers and lock your frelling door! Don't even get me started on Mike, the great PI who didn't even notice his wife's killer was working across the street from his office and driving past him at regular intervals. His moments of machismo made me want to smack him too.