The Death of Friends (Henry Rios Mystery #5)

The Death of Friends - Michael Nava

Henry's friend is discovered murdered and he defends the man accused of the crime. Meanwhile, Josh's health continues to worsen. 


I admit, even though I pegged the suspect early on, there were moments when I thought I was wrong, and that Henry was wrong. Even when I figured out how the killer may have done it - which took Henry a little too long to get there, I think - I still doubted it because by that point, I'd forgotten who I originally pinned it on and Henry's deductions were just too complicated. 

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This is an overall depressing book, as Henry ruminates over the life of his murdered friend, Chris, and all the lies Chris told himself and others in order to achieve the "good life". Simultaneous to this is Henry watching Josh slowly lose the fight against AIDS. But as sad as all this is, there's something endearing to me on Henry's insistence that Zach is innocent of the crime he's accused. Henry maybe worn down by life, but when he believes he's found something good, he holds onto it.